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Hedgeco Environmental offers environmentally safe and responsible mulching solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our range of equipment enables us to select the most appropriate mulcher for effective brush mulching operations. We closely collaborate with each customer to comprehend their unique requirements and offer cost-effective solutions.


Bio Harvesting

Biomass harvesting is a critical component of the bioenergy industry and is essential in reducing dependence on non-renewable energy sources while promoting sustainable land use practices.

Vegetation Management

Vegetation management is the process of maintaining and controlling plant growth in various environments, including public and private lands, agricultural fields, and infrastructure rights-of-way. This process involves the application of various techniques and practices, such as mowing, herbicide application, pruning, and prescribed burning, to control plant growth. Vegetation management aims to balance the needs of vegetation with the needs of the environment and society, promoting sustainable land use practices while ensuring public safety and reliable infrastructure.


RC Equipment

Transform your approach to vegetation management with Hedgeco's remote-controlled equipment solutions. Whether you're mulching with the FAE RCU-75 or mowing using the RC Mowers Autonomous Mowing Robot™, our state-of-the-art solutions empower operators to effortlessly achieve precision in their tasks.


Elevate your vegetation management with Hedgeco's drone technology. Our drones provide precise aerial insights for assessing vegetation health, monitoring growth, and optimizing resource allocation. Revolutionize your approach and achieve superior results with Hedgeco's drone solutions.

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