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Hedgeco's bio-harvesting technology is truly remarkable, offering a range of equipment options that ensure both portability and stationary use. Our mulching, chipping, and baling systems are state-of-the-art, providing unmatched efficiency and ease of use. Additionally, our 'qualified' chip size, optimized for use in gasification and boiler units, demonstrates our commitment to excellence in all aspects of bio-harvesting.


Woody biomass supply options can be broadly classified into two categories: opportunity and purpose-grown. Opportunity sources comprise non-commercial biomass residue obtained from a variety of natural and human-related causes, such as harvesting and mill residues, urban wood waste, fire, pest and disease-damaged fibre, and biomass from silviculture and forest management treatments. In contrast, purpose-grown woody biomass is cultivated using short-rotation woody crops like hybrid poplar, aspen, and willow to produce lignocellulosic fibre for use in the wood fibre and energy industries. High-yield afforestation and concentrated woody biomass plantations are essential components of purpose-grown woody biomass supply chains.

Uses for Hedgeco's Biomass Systems

Bio-Mass Accumulation

Hedgeco offers a variety of Bio-Mass Harvesting Equipment that is capable of mulching, chipping and collecting valuable commodities. It is the only company in North America with proven technology for this purpose.

Diseased Tree Removal

Hedgeco has proven its ability to use its technology for converting diseased Florida Citrus groves into usable biofuel. It is also effective in dealing with Pine Beetle killed forests.

Invasive Tree Removal

Invasive species that are non-native are a significant problem in some parts of North America. Hedgeco's technology is capable of mulching and collecting this material.

Land Clearing and Repurposing

Hedgeco has a wide variety of clearing equipment and resources that can effectively clear large or small tracts of land. They can also remove stumps and roots to facilitate replanting or repurposing of the land.

Fire Breaks

Hedgeco's possession of different types of equipment enables effective clearing, disk management and creation of fire breaks.

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