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Remote Controlled


Revolutionize your vegetation management strategy with Hedgeco's remote-controlled equipment solutions. Whether it's mulching with the FAE RCU-75 or mowing with the RC Mowers Autonomous Mowing Robot™, our innovative offerings empower operators to achieve precise results with ease.

RC Mulcher.jpg

FAE RCU-75 Mulcher

Introducing Hedgeco's latest land management solution: the FAE RCU-75. This compact yet powerful remote-controlled tracked carrier is perfect for forestry, agricultural, and municipal work. Paired with the FAE BL2/RCU forestry mulcher, it effortlessly mulches vegetation up to 15 cm in diameter, thanks to its fixed-blade rotor and Bite Limiter technology, which maximizes output with minimal horsepower.

Our service provides you with the RCU-75, featuring a robust 74-hp Turbo Aftercooler engine, a steel frame, and integrated components for durability. Its agility on slopes up to 55°, coupled with advanced electronic control units and sensors, ensures peak performance at all times. Backed by FAE's expertise in designing professional-grade tracked carriers, the RCU-75 delivers efficiency and reliability for your land management needs.

R52 Mower

Introducing Hedgeco's cutting-edge solution for vegetation management: the RC Mowers Autonomous Mowing Robot™. This innovative equipment revolutionizes the way vegetation management tasks are handled. With our autonomous mowers, one operator can achieve the productivity of three, streamlining operations and maximizing efficiency. Our autonomous robots deliver precise results without drama, enabling Hedgeco to elevate its vegetation management services to new heights. Join us in embracing the future of landscaping with Hedgeco and RC Mowers.

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